Thursday, 10 July 2008

Pageant of the transmundane

One of my delights in Worcester Park is some of the bizarre transmundane things that occur here. Just this week Mrs Brinkster found someone wandering towards the pet shop carrying a small snake that she'd just found near the station and was going to hand over to them........

We've had The Zimmers, UFOs, "snake man", the "armpit shaving road hog" and numerous others to entertain and delight but I fear that Worcester Park's claim to be "Home To The Transmundane" may be under threat from Crawley in West Sussex as The Daily Telegraph explains:
Two grandmothers on mobility scooters had to be dragged apart after getting into a fight where they were "ramming each other like dodgems" in a supermarket. The women were separated after they started trading blows in front of shoppers in an aisle of the Iceland store in Crawley, West Sussex. They were prized apart after staff heard screams.

Cops were called to the scene after the warring pensioners - who were pals - fell out over money. They arrested one of the pensioners, who has not been named, on suspicion of assaulting the other 78- year-old woman who suffered an injury to her arm. She was later taken to hospital.

In this awkward and unfortunate incident there is such a rich vein of potential, I mean it was only a few days ago that I mooted Worcester Park's first Redneck Games and here we have a prime example of the kind of event that could be hosted....... mobility scooter jousting/wrestling/demolition derby/whatever. I've dodged some of these scooters on Central Road before and seen a couple parked outside the British Legion and as the Telegraph goes on to point out:
In Rugby, Warwickshire, the policy introduced a speeding clampdown on mobility scooters, which can reach a top speed of 8mph, after a series of collisions and near misses in the town centre.
I'm sure that downhill on Central Road they can go faster than that!!

Lastly a quick "Good day, eh!" to all my Canadian readers who've shown up over the last few weeks! Quite how you got here I don't know but you're most welcome!!

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