Thursday, 30 August 2007


Back after a long weekend in 'Narfuk' ('Norfolk' for those who haven't encountered the local pronunciation) to an entirely correct and accurate observation from the ever-present Mr Jones* that the defences of the previously described Fort Huntsman have been breached, presumably by the local 'yoof'. It seems that it was a bit too much of a red rag to a bull to put the wooden panels up so I can't express great surprise, though it looks really tatty now. Mrs Brinkster said they were intact when she was at The Worcester Park on Friday so I'm assuming it happened over the weekend, and she pointed out to me that the place is actually closed for business now, which hadn't quite dawned on me. I do hope they're renovating it as despite its heinous reputation it's actually a very old part of Worcester Park history and it would be a major shame if it was to be pulled down or hideously 'redeveloped'.

For the trivia-lovers amongst you most Google searches that end up here over the last couple of weeks are either about the Huntsmans Hall, The Rose Spa or clothing collections, but a quick doff of the cap is due to the visitor from Parliament yesterday ( (

* So correct and accurate that I'll even forgive him for using Vista

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Thick as a .....

On leaving Brinkster Central and starting my morning perambulation to the station* I spied that a VW something-or-other-estate outside number 8 was parked with its left-front wheel propped up on a couple of bricks in the road. I don't know if the owner did this as an impromptu way of supporting it while getting a recalcitrant tyre fixed, or whether some light-fingered local had taken a shine to said wheel and made off with it. Either way I hope the owner didn't stroll out of the house, get in the car and then try and drive off.....

Perhaps I'll find out what happened this evening.

*sorry, but I liked the rhyme

Friday, 17 August 2007

"Garden grabbing' flat developments"

The local Guardian has published an article about property developers activities, which is an issue that's very relevant to Worcester Park. I've had emails on the subject recently and have been intending to address it properly but as they've written this piece it seems like now is as good a time as any.

Brinkley Road has had it's share of developer activity with Brinkley Court appearing on the old factory site, a failed attempt to build on the garages at the top of the road and various attempts to buy off people in the road. On one hand I can understand the attraction of a wad of cash and the chance to move on but at the same time tearing down family houses to make space for 1 or 2 bedroom flats is surely only storing up trouble in the future when the couples who bought them discover there are no properties left in the area to bring up a family in. People aren't always aware of the consequences of this activity so read the Guardian article linked above as a starting place and decide what's important for Worcester Park.

Anyway, I have plenty of opinions on on the subject but I'm more interested in yours so naturally you'll want to comment below won't you...

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Fort Huntsman

Somewhat bizarrely the Huntsman's Hall has sprouted fence panels, presumably as its latest weapon to fend off the troublesome 'yoof' of Worcester Park. If you haven't seen it recently they've fenced off the car park entrance and about the first 20 yards of the dip down towards the railway bridge to prevent people getting over into the garden. It all looks very bizarre and I might try and get a photo up at some point.

Coincidentally if you've ever wondered how Worcester Park came to be chosen for a train station then the answer is here:

1859: Worcester Park Railway station opened. When the proposed Wimbledon-Epsom line was being considered by a Parliamentary committee in 1846, the principal argument put forward by Thomas Weeding in favour of opening a station was that it would enable farmers to have chalk brought from Ashtead to improve the soil. The fact that Thomas Weeding himself owned a lot of land, which would increase in value as a result, probably never entered into his thinking!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A new entry

Back from holiday and I'm pleased to see that The Rose Spa on Central Road has joined Worcester Park's panoply of retail and service establishments. It does have a website but having checked it there's nothing there. It must be a prime contender for best looking frontage though as it's gorgeous and it looks like they've put thought as well as effort into it. The main gripe about big High Streets is that they all look the same with the same stores cropping up while the main gripe about small High Streets is they all look grotty with plastic illuminated frontages, handdrawn or cheaply printed posters in the window, etc. The Rose Spa have shown that it's not hard to do it well so I can add to my list of WP dreams a good looking Central Road with attractive (as well as viable) shops.

Good luck to The Rose Spa, I hope they do well!

If you're stuck for ideas about holidays I can recommend a suite at Claridges, and the restaurant's not bad either.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Happy slapped

What is the world coming to when a respectable citizen such as myself can't nurse his ailments in peace and quiet without being happy slapped by two youths!?! In this case Brinkster Minor roused me from my slumbers by bouncing up and down on my prostrate, bed-ridden form while Miss Brinkster filmed it on her digital camera. Some people might excuse them as they're 2 and 8 years olds respectively but that's not the way I was brought up to behave!! Honestly. Kids these days.

The reason for my bed-ridden state was that I've got blisters on my tonsils, which resulted in a visit to the assorted Worcester Park charity shops in the 15 minutes that Superdrug said it would take to get my prescription ready. Firstly I was surprised at just how busy they seemed to be, although I couldn't have told you how many of the browsers turned into buyers. The other thing that surprised me was the assortment of odours that charity shops have to offer. Maybe it was because it was a warm day but a couple of them were very ripe indeed. It's amazing how many charity shops you can get round in 15 minutes....

Oh yes, and Polotex Ltd stuck another clothing collection leaflet through the door.