Monday, 1 August 2011

Would you like a flake with that?

Mrs Brinkster brought the following to my attention from the Sutton Guardian and it rates fairly high on the yuck-o-meter....

"Police pounced on an ice cream man who was caught on camera performing a solo sex act while on duty in his van.

Vincenzo Coffaro, 81, was filmed on a mobile phone when he was spied in full view through the serving hatch of his van pleasuring himself while parked at one of his regular pitches in Overton Road, Sutton."

So far, so disgusting. It doesn't get any better.

"But after being released from custody Coffaro, from Sutton, was spotted selling ice creams the next day.

When confronted by the Sutton Guardian he insisted he would continue to ply his trade around the borough’s schools and parks – despite hygiene concerns.

Sutton trading standards said it could not stop him working because his offence was not sufficient for an immediate trading ban."

So when you hear an ice-cream van plying it's trade in Worcester Park stick your head out of the window and check it's not Vincenzo before you send the kids out.