Friday, 5 October 2007

It's Friday again

There was a red tinge to the sky over Worcester Park this morning, and it wasn't just due to the picket-line outside the Royal Mail sorting office. Seeing as we're not blessed with a tube station it seems we're reliant on the Royal Mail to meet all of our picketing needs.

In other news The Lodger has posted a guestbook entry about another snake on Central Road which, for new readers, is an up-and-coming feature of Worcester Park, first raised by The Parkerilla's 'snake man' entry of the other day.

On the subject of mysterious appearances I've so far shied away from the recent UFO article in the local Guardian but seeing as it feels like I'm having a bit of an 'X-Files Friday' I might as well go for it:
"... Ron Johnson, from Worcester Park, a member of Ewell Astronomical Society, who said he had never seen anything like Friday's light display in his 40 years of skywatching. He said: "At 10.02pm there were 10 spherical lights which were a yellow, golden colour. To me they appeared to be drifting with the wind. "I stopped to watch because it was not something I'd seen before."
"Mr Johnson said he doubted the lights were anything supernatural. He said: "People tend to jump to conclusions about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and try to sensationalise. What people think might be a UFO is usually something atmospheric."

What say the UFOs landed and released 'snake man' and his cohorts onto an unsuspecting Worcester Park populace as part of their global plan to ...... oh, who knows.....

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