Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mini revelations

I see that the Surrey Comet has the full story on the mini-car chase the other day:

"Police officers chased a stolen Mini Cooper through the streets of Kingston, Sutton and Epsom after they spotted it crawling down a road with its lights off.

Kingston police officers originally attempted to stop the car when they noticed it being driven unusually in New Malden in the early hours of Sunday, December 20.

But the driver kept going and a chase continued through to Worcester Park and into Stoneleigh."

The full story, including the "big finish" is here.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Did anybody see the car chase??

Completely unrelated picture According to Charles Michel Duke there was a car chase in Worcester Park on Saturday night involving some well-resourced police cars and a Mini Cooper, with the inevitable results.

The picture's completely unrelated to the incident but was the first one I saw when searching for "car chase" on Google Images and looked exciting. If you do happen to have any information (or pictures) then do let me know.

The only blue lights I've seen in the last 48 hours have been the hordes of ambulances scraping up the poor unfortunates from the icy pavements. Be careful out there!

pic from

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas fun

We had a really nice time at the Worcester Park Christmas Evening last Friday night and the little Brinksters loved it, as their volcanic reaction to being told it was time to go home indicated, but I've seen on the Worcester Park blog that some people weren't enamoured with the stalls and rides and some people considered the games and rides as 'dodgy'.

To show that the grass isn't always greener I thought I'd pass on a couple of, admittedly blurry, photos I took in the West End's Leicester Square last night where the featured Christmas entertainment for the throngs is.... you guessed it.... games and rides. There's the old "get an impossibly small hoop round an unfeasibly large block" game, throw [insert name of object] and knock down [insert name of other objects], assorted sizes of cuddly toys as prizes and basically the same things that we had last Friday, if on a somewhat larger scale (in a larger space).

I'm of the opinion that's it's always best to try and find joy in the little things so if people couldn't enjoy last Friday night perhaps it's more a reflection on them than necessarily on the evening as a whole but anyway, next year will be great because they'll all be volunteering to help out won't they?? ;)

We all ready for the snow? I notice the grit box at the top of Brinkley Road's been topped up so we're sorted!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Tonight's the night!

Celebrities!? Big name acts!? Nope.. none of those. We're Worcester Park not some desperate-to-be-noticed town centre... we don't need THAT kind of superficial frippery!

Yes indeedy. Tonight is the Worcester Park Traders Association Christmas event on Central Road and I'm celebrating the day by being off work sick. Hopefully Superdrug will be one of the shops staying open late so that I can get a top-up if needed and assuming the (purely over-the-counter) drugs work I'll be out there with the crowds. It's normally the Brinkster Clan's cue to descend upon the stands like a horde of locusts and strip them bare of plastic, usually illuminated and frequently terminally fragile prizes, all in the name of religious celebration obviously.

If I'm really organised I'll get my phone charged up and tweet my way through the evening so if you're hip and connected then you might be able to track me down from my tweets. If not you should be able to have a chuckle at some of the photos when I put them up... eventually.

For more info I'd recommend you take a look at the Worcester Park Blog's entry on the subject and it's forecast to be cold so wrap up warm!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sad news in Brinkley Road

A fellow Brinkley Roadian has emailed me with the sad news that one of the familiar faces in the road has passed away:

John was 74 last birthday (well that's what he told me!) and I believe he lived there all his life. He used to walk up to the shops nearly every day and I'm sure he has the best hedge in the street! When we moved here just over three years ago John quickly befriended us and would always stop to chat and occasionally pop in with fruit or sweets for our kids, he even made my hubby a huge wooden tool box! He was a real diamond and we will miss him greatly ... RIP John.

I'll miss seeing him in the road too as he was always happy to chat and was a lovely bloke.