Thursday, 31 July 2008

It's nearly time for Classic Bus Day!

Devoted readers may hazily recall that back in November last year I posted about the upcoming free bus service in Worcester Park on the 10th August and pointed you in the direction of the folks at for information. Last night some kindly person commented to point out that red-rf's web site was broken and spewing out error messages but fear not! Worcester Park Life has come to the rescue and the new August edition, available in print tomorrow, has a two page feature entitled "Classic Bus Day" on pages 10 and 12 with all the details you'll need to enjoy what should be a very entertaining and nostalgic day. If you can't wait until tomorrow to get your hands on a hard copy of Worcester Park Life you can always jump the gun by downloading the PDF from here.

On another historical note I was chatting to a neighbour last night who related that Brinkley Road, until the 1930s, had a clear view over the fields below and can remember his neighbour talking about watching the German prisoners-of-war working in the fields during the First World War...... seems hard to believe 90 years on.

EDIT: Steve's on the case and hopefully the website should be back up soon!

UPDATE 09:20: The site's back up. Nice work!


Steve said...

Thanks for publicising the event and alerting us to the website problem. We hope lots of local people will come along on the 10th to enjoy the free classic bus rides. We're working on the website - should be back up and running shortly.

The Brinkster said...

Hi Steve
Glad you managed to get the site back up so quickly. As you can see at the top of the right hand sidebar I've added a countdown gadget as a reminder to people of the event.

The long range weather forecast is a bit grim but I never place too much reliance on those from past experience.

Steve said...

Many thanks for the countdown thingy - even if it does remind us how little time we have to put the finishing touches into place for the event!

Andy said...

I was chatting to my mum over email about this, or more specifically the old pictures of Worcester Park on the RedRF site. After I said to her that I preferred the look of the area around the station before they widened and lowered the road she sent me this little story (the people mentioned are family friends):

"There is a nice picture of a 127 double decker, the special lower height one, it has just successfully come under the railway bridge and the offices of ''Cade Fuels'' are visible. That is where I first met Jean's mum. We had a solid fuel boiler and used to get the fuel from them. That was the winter of 1965. By the Spring of 1967 when you were still in your pram, I would pop you in there for an hour, so I could nip into Wimbledon on the train. It was the warmest place in WP and Eileen loved to have you, it amused her customers no end. Thus began a lifelong friendship and was the direct cause of Murray and Jean getting married........funny how things work out, isn't it? Emma, Caryn, her children.... all because we bought an old house with a solid fuel boiler.....
By the way '' I like the way it was'' should be my line really, but you don't realise how drastic the alterations were until you see pictures like that. Love Ma. x"

Anonymous said...

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