Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Come-uppance and more

A few weeks ago I posted about a Worcester Park resident called Stanley Sales, who left his horse called Dollar, in an appalling state. Well this week Horse and Hound once again takes up the story:

A Surrey man who allowed a badly lame horse to suffer for days without vet treatment has been given a five-month prison sentence.

Sales was also given a life ban from keeping all animals, a deprivation order preventing the horse, Dollar, from being returned to him and ordered to pay £1,000 towards costs. His jail sentence was suspended for two years with a supervision order during this duration.

The local Guardian says that the recent house fire in Manor Drive has been blamed on a bedroom mirror that focused the sun's rays to start the blaze. Given the summer that we've had so far I'd say that they were unlucky to get that much sun.........

Lastly, the Brinkster Clan went to see Wall-e at a charity preview last night and if you're a fan of Pixar animation as we are then you're bound to like it. The short cartoon at the start had everyone roaring with laughter and what they managed to accomplish in the main movie with two leading characters who have virtually no dialogue is quite something. One side-effect of that is that the film doesn't have any memorable catchphrases but that's nitpicking really (Unless you like saying "Waaarrlleeee" or "Eeeeev-ah" in funny voices). I know that Pixar spent two years watching old silent movies to work out how to get the best effect with no speech and it's obviously paid off as it does have some really beautiful moments. Star Wars: The Clone Wars next for me I think.....

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Jennifer said...

I used to work for The Disney Store 7 months ago and we were in the process of developing new products for Walle and Prince Caspian. Got to see all of the original drawings and unfinished clips and I thought it was great then. If I'd stayed, I would have seen it months ago which is a shame. Think I'll have to go see it now :)