Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Into every life a little rain must fall.......

I was trying to get from Brinkster Central in Worcester Park to Kingston during the storm last night and it seems like my instinct to bypass Central Road was well-founded, according to the Sainsbury's delivery man who arrived a while afterwards. Instead I went to North Cheam and then along and up Grand Drive to Raynes Park and through New Malden, which took no time at all. At the weekend we came all the way back round the M25 from Knebworth on Saturday afternoon and the only place we got stuck on the whole journey was from the A3 to Worcester Park......... inevitable really.

Anyway, as far as the forecast goes it looks like last night's storm may only be the warm-up act for tomorrow:

If that's anything like accurate then I might be coming home by hovercraft.

The new Worcester Park Life magazine is out and can be found in a Worcester Park store near you or on t'internet here. Worcester Park (blog not suburb) has his monthly musings on page 40 and 41 and I was asked to make a last-minute contribution about charity scams, which can be found on page 8.

And as for why Mrs Brinkster ended up in a hotel last Friday night I can say that Ann has come closest to unlocking the story but Matty and Jezz can wash their mouths out with soap!! Honestly.....

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Jennifer said...

Ah I read that story on page 8. I've seen you mention it before but never understood it.

Go on, what happened to Mrs B then??