Monday, 1 October 2007


There's been a veritable flurry of commenting activity over the weekend with contributions about the refurbishment at the Huntsmans Hall, traffic woes and a fabulous tale from The Parkerilla of a man and his snake on Central Road, which I'll reproduce here in it's entirety.

"Yesterday(Sunday) at 12.10 in the afternoon I saw a man walking up and down Central Parade with a very alive and very large snake! He was in the area of Pizza Express on the same side of the road. The snake must have been at least 8 feet long as it was wound round his body twice and there was still plenty left at the head and tail ends to stretch out a good way blocking the pavement. It was a very pale whitish/yellow in colour with a head which seemed small for its body.There were very few people about but those who saw it, like myself, treated it with a mixture of bemusement and alarm. The guy wandering around with it had the sort of smile on his face which says "i'm not all here". The snake remained expressionless. Needless to say I walked briskly away as I'm terrified of the things. I felt the need to drop into the North End for a pint and kept looking over my shoulder in case he was approaching the pub in which case I'd run over and bar the door. The strangest thing I've seen in WP."

Great stuff, and deserving of a place alongside the recent shaving-lady story from The Longster.

If anyone does get more info on the Huntsmans I'd appreciate it and perhaps we could pack it out on its first night with local gentlefolk to see if it's really changed...... Seeing as the slot machine doesn't seem to have departed from the inside I'm assuming that they're targeting roughly the same audience as before but a smoke-free decor should make it more appealing.

I've seen a few more anti-Hamptons petitions around this weekend with the most prominent being in the builders at the end of the road. Let's see if they make any difference.......

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