Friday, 25 July 2008

The Hamptons new proposal - an objection

Isn't it odd how one person's "tidying up" can be another person's "hiding stuff so you have no chance of finding it"? As a result I wasn't able to locate the the new Hamptons proposal from St James in Brinkster Central this morning so will have to go from memory.

I only really want to address the traffic part of their proposal as that part did strike me as being open to misinterpretation, given the facts I am about to present. As I recall St James mention in their glossy document that they were willing to fund synchronising the Green Lane lights with the other sets of lights to improve traffic flow in Worcester Park but seeing as TFL are now going to fund that they suggested they might spend some money on something else, without specifying what kind of something else they'd spend it on or how useful it would be. The facts as I understand them are that the reason TFL are funding the synchronisation system (aka SCOOT) is because traffic has become so bad it's affecting the bus service, which is a TFL issue. Implementing SCOOT will improve the traffic flow on Central Road but at the expense of side roads which join at the same lights. The relevant point here is that Green Lane, "Gateway to the Hamptons" joins Central Road at the lights and the new scheme will actually reduce the traffic flow out of Green Lane rather than increase it... counteracting St James inference that their proposal will improve traffic for all and therefore capacity to cope with their proposed Hamptons expansion.

To my mind if you live in the Hamptons you ought to be upset about their proposal because if you travel by car then it's going to get more difficult rather than easier. Or am I going mad?

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