Saturday, 12 July 2008

The lunacy of airport checking

Just as I was at risk of calming down after yesterday's rant about unnecessary security an email drops into my Inbox that set me off again, with a link to an article in the "Ask The Pilot" column at Salon magazine:

"You ain't takin' this through," she says. "No knives. You can't bring a knife through here."
It takes a moment for me to realize that she's serious. "I'm ... but ... it's ..."
"Sorry." She throws it into a bin and starts to walk away.
"Wait a minute," I say. "That's airline silverware."
"Don't matter what it is. You can't bring knives through here."
"Ma'am, that's an airline knife. It's the knife they give you on the plane."

What makes this even more incredible is that the guy is a pilot who's just landed a plane full of people and is transferring to another plane. I'd recommend reading the whole article for full effect.

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