Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Police raid cannabis house in Worcester Park

According to the Surrey Comet the Police have raided a house in Inverness Road today because they believed it may have been a cannabis factory.

The Kermit reports:

Police were carrying out what is believed to be a raid on a cannabis factory in Worcester Park this afternoon.

A neighbour said police swooped on the address, in Inverness Road, at 12.30pm and officers were still on the scene at 5pm.

Although police officers at the proprty refused to comment on what they were doing, evidence bags were piled up on the front lawn of the house which is in a quiet suburban street.

If anyone from Inverness Road reads this please do leave a comment to say what you know. Big bags of green foliage outside the front of the house would be a big clue.


Worcester Park said...

Probably just ordinary green waste that they couldn't get collected...

Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed that it was a cannabis factory. The property has been rented out for a while - not 15 years as stated in the press. No evidence of big bags in the garden!!!