Friday, 29 December 2006

Talking about the the fog last time, in lieu of a proper Christmas update here's a couple of pics of WP in the fog:

Waiting for the 7.12

Central Road in the evening

The originals can be found at the Worcester Park Gallery (for those that are interested) here:

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Christmas is nearly upon us

Blankets of cold, winter fog have descended on Worcester Park this week... possibly Nature's attempt to cover up the embarrassment of Central Road from passing travellers. It hasn't affected the trains, fortunately, and it's been a pleasant change to have a choice of seats available on the 7.12 as some of my fellow commuters have abandoned their daily mission to flirt with the fickle mistress of Christmas shopping. More fool them.

Some fairly astounding news has reached my ears, in that the Huntsmans Hall (see previous posts) is under new (Korean) management, who have booted out the old-timers and is actively seeking a more, how shall I put it, refined clientele. Apparently the previous patrons have been roaming the pubs in the area trying to find a new local, but haven't received a rapturous reception at any of them. I might even pop down to the Hunstmans to give a look over Christmas, and see if it's true. If it is true then the only blue flashing lights you'll see down there now will be the Christmas decorations....

In another surprising development, the restaurant-that's-taken-forever-to-build has put up it's new frontage, and very nice it looks too. It's nowhere near finished, of course, but this is the first public sign that progress is being made... other that digging up the pavement to lay cables a few weeks back.

I'm assuming the Sainsbury's fitout continues apace in the Old Camping Shop, although I haven't made it to that end of Central Road for a week or so. They're advertising for staff though so it can't be far off. If anybody's looking to pay off their Christmas excess then it might be worth a shot.

I have to confess I didn't make it to the Christmas festivities on Central Road the other night. Apparently it was good and those of the Brinkster clan who ventured out spoke highly of it, but I was too tired after a long week at work and became warmly ensconced in front of something or other on TV... which reminds me. Brinkster Minor decided to remove the Sky card from the box the night before last and, not being of the age where he can speak, has been singularly unhelpful in our search for where he's hidden it. A replacement is winging it's way from Sky but it's good fortune that we have Sky Multiroom and an extra card or I'd be in The Priory by now ("I'm not addicted..... I can stop whenever I want" :)

If I don't post another entry before the big day, have a great Christmas (and New Year)... unless you don't want to, in which case... don't.