Friday, 11 December 2015

Worcester Park Christmas evening tonight!

Yes indeed! Tonight Central Road will ring to the sound of a marching band, carol singers, laughing children and quietly exasperated parents!

It should be a great chance to have some fun in Worcester Park and get some Christmas shopping done so do head down and make the most of the occasion. There's some rain forecast for this afternoon but hopefully it will have passed through by the evening, though you can always keep an eye on how it's doing here.

A special prize will be on offer to the first person who spots me in the crowd, though if you do see me that will mean that my evening will have gone pear-shaped as I'm supposed to be at a party up in London... you never know though.

On a more mundane note the event means that parking restrictions are in place on Central Road and that the side roads will be busier with traffic and the chances of parking in or around Brinkster Central will be virtually zero..

Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Worcester Park Cashpoint Smashed!

On the way home from my first Christmas party of the season last night I noticed that somebody had comprehensively smashed up the cashpoint at the Lloyds bank on Central Road. As you can see from the photo the scree had been completely shoved back into the unit and the front panel was quite broken.

There was nobody around to suggest that it had been done recently though presumably it had happened sometime after the bank had closed earlier in the evening.

I called the Police to inform them of the issue and it turned out that someone else had already called it in, which pleased me immensely so kudos to whoever it was who beat me to it... community faith level restored!

If you saw what happened or know anything about the incident then I'm sure the Police would be just as interested as me to hear from you.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Head Over Heels in Traffic!

More traffic problems this morning when someone found their Vauxhall Corsa inverted by Worcester Park station, according to the Surrey Comet here, together with a dramatic picture of the vehicle in question via Twitter.

Details are scarce so anything you can provide would be interesting, though they're unlikely to be quite as interesting as any dashcam footage that might have been available had one been installed, as is often the case in places like Russia.

Drivers there commonly install.dashcams for insurance reasons and the resulting video have proliferated while continuing to amaze and horrify in equal measure. Not for the easily disturbed. Drive safely people