Thursday, 3 July 2008

Take Part - Take Pride

This coming Monday heralds the start of Take Part, Take Pride week across London (including Worcester Park obviously) and there are a number of local events going on.

A couple in particular that I want to point out are the Worcester Park Neighbourhood Walk with the Worcester Park Residents' Association on Saturday 12th July meeting at Worcester Park library at 10am and taking in some of the more historical parts of Worcester Park (details from 020 8330 5100).

On Sunday 13th the Acorn Project are running a Graveyard Bash at the old Christ Church graveyard at the top of Central Road from 10-12 to spruce it up a bit. Bring gardening gloves and secateurs or the like to do some damage to help tidy up the local flora.

In other news St James have appealed the rejection of their plans to further develop the Hamptons and have also submitted another plan which is substantially similar to the first except for the wind turbines and some other bits. This will no doubt lead to months of wrangling and bad feeling so don't say I didn't warn you. I understand that the Police will be looking into some of the recent issues raised about the Hamptons, anti-social behaviour and the curfew so await further developments on that as well.

And rumour has it that Worcester Park may be in line for some new Christmas lights......... we shall see.

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