Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Light entertainment

I was about to turn in last night when my attention was grabbed as the Worcester Park sky flickered with the silent hint of distant lightning to the south-west. I called Mrs Brinkster and we retired outside into the warm embrace of the evening to sit at our garden table and watch the approaching storm whilst chatting and drinking as the display drew closer and became more frequent coupled with ever increasing volume and spectacle. The first drops of rain began to fall so we put the garden umbrella up and sat under it listening to the ryhthm of the rain and marvelling at the foment in the skies above us whilst rehashing with each other the mysteries and mundanities of life until, as the storm slackened and passed off to the north, we headed back inside to put away the glasses and turn off the lights. I couldn't have conjured up a nicer evening.

By the way, anybody know what was happening with all of the police cars up by the Plough yesterday??

EDIT: Found it. There was a car crash at the junction of Church Road involving a 79 year-old woman who needed to be cut free from her car

Photo from local Guardian - Newsquest Media Group

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NS said...

Great minds think alike then, we did virtually the same thing last night watching the storm. It was lovely.