Saturday, 5 July 2008

Saturday Brunch-time reading

A resident of Manor Drive had a unfortunate experience this week, as the local rag relates:
A Worcester Park homeowner returned from a shopping trip to find her house on fire this afternoon.
Station manager Neil Sinclair, from New Malden fire station, said: "When the fire brigade arrived, there found to be a fire in the rear bedroom which had spread to the roof and had caused severe heat damage to the rest of the first floor."

Another web site outlines the war of words apparently going on between Sutton Council and Thames Valley Housing Association regarding their curfew in the Hamptons. It's an interesting read from a Worcester Park point-of-view but also for anyone who collects logical fallacies because of the statement from Geeta Nanda, the TVHA Chief Exec who says "It appears to be working as there are no current issues on the estate regarding the behaviour of young people...". In the same logical vein my wedding ring is lightning-repellent as I've been wearing it for years and not once been struck by lightning.... and if you believe that I've got a whole box of lightning-repellent trinkets I could sell you.......

I think I'll save the story of how Mrs Brinkster ended up spending last night in a hotel rather than next to me in bed for another day, tho' do feel free to email me or ask her if you see her......

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