Friday, 29 June 2007

Another miserable clothing collection

Regular readers will know the antipathy I hold for the scams that disguise themselves as clothing collections. Greeting me on the doormat was another such leaflet asking me to spare a thought for those who can't afford new clothes or shoes and asking me to leave mine out so that these people could sell them on to the poor and needy for a handy markup (they didn't mention the markup bit).

Anyway, the perps this time are:
Polotex Ltd
NW10 1PS
Company No. 06240970

Who've been incorporated as a company for nearly 2 whole months now! There's heritage for you.

If you've got stuff to give then I'd rather you gave it to a real charity rather than this lot. Let's face it, on Central Road there's more than enough choice of charity shops!!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Unexpected restraint

In relation to my previous post in a moment of clarity the girls of Punterlink have persuaded the original poster to edit the miscreant's details, which means I don't mind giving you the link to it.

The only other news of note seems to be the £1million fraud trial of a Worcester Park man who defrauded mortage companies and councils alike. I can't see him getting off the hook for that one.

One piece of trivia is that addition of some new masts to the phone Exchange for a variety of mobile operators apparently. I won't ask whether that's "in addition to" or "in place of" existing ones but perhaps if they're powerful enough they'll sterilise anyone who hangs around the phone boxes on the corner of Green Lane for too long.......

As I passed it on the way to the station this morning I noticed that the new beauty salon in Mademoiselle is taking shape so I hope to have more news about that before too long.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

An eye-opener

To the left you should see a link to Google Blogsearch, which is where I get some interesting info on what's going on in or around Worcester Park. Normally it's about the cricket/football/knitting club or homes for rent/sale but today there's an entry from an 'Escort' about a Worcester Park punter who (allegedly) fleeced her.

It's on a site called "Punterlink" and describes itself as being and "International Escort and Strip Club" guide. She gives pretty much all the info you'd need to know to track him down to his abode in the Hamptons but rather than link to it here just click on the Google Blogsearch link on the left and it should be there (though you may need to expand the date range and add a word or two to the search). The site itself is Not Safe For Work.

Bit different from the normal WP activity............

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Oooh!!! Cheeky!

[EDITED 21/06/07: link to Passado didn't work so replaced with new one, but you'll have to scroll down on that page to see the entry I'm on about.]

I was meandering through Google image search for images of Worcester Park when I came across a couple that were fondly familiar, having been taken with my own fair camera and posted to Flickr:

What wasn't quite so fondly familiar was the blog that they were appearing on, which is here, which bears distinct resemblance to my own entries here and here. I thought for a minute about assuming an air of righteous indignation but then decided I'd put it down as being a significant moment when Worcester Park news is being snarfed to be shared around (dare I use the word 'popular').

Anyway, seeing as it's evidence of other blogging life in WP all I can say is "C'mon Paul Jones. Get blogging!!".

Monday, 18 June 2007


I noticed on Friday morning that Mademoiselle on Central Road (on the left of this picture) had been emptied and then The_Parkerilla commented to say that they were selling up. Yesterday morning on my way down to the station I noticed there was someone in there ripping out the last remnants of the old shop and apparently it's going to be a new beauty parlour. His wife has given him four weeks to get it finished and the builders should be in shortly so with a timescale like that we won't be hanging around for the length of time we were waiting for Caffe Picollo.

Secondly, and lastly, the new Fara charity shop is open and must have made some kind of history by being the first WP charity shop to open on a Sunday. I'd be interested to hear what kind of trade they did.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

An interruption

We interrupt our normal Worcester Park programming to bring you this political comment from Legoland.

Nice :)

Friday, 8 June 2007

Long time gone

Clan Brinkster has returned from its tour of the Low Countries and have nothing but good things to say about western Holland and northern Belgium.... bit embarrassing really considering some of the things I've said about southern Belgium.

I haven't caught up with what's been going on in WP so don't have any real news as such, but thought I'd point you in the direction of this fine piece of journalism from the Telegraph about the Gran-tastic "Zimmers" band.

"Irene Simain, 83, agreed. "It's absolutely fabulous. I'm always very tailored, I've never worn anything like this in my life," she said, gazing down at her flower-power Dr Martens, next to the tiger-stripe DMs of Peggy Bohan, 65, from Worcester Park, and the Union Jack ones sported by 69-year-old Dolcetta Burden, from Lewisham."