Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Deep Brown(ing) do-do

For all those to whom the good weather is the harbinger of hayfever then I can entirely empathise having only managed about two or three hours of sleep last night because of the pollen which resulted in me being sat on the sofa watching night-time TV whilst alternately mopping up what was coming out of my face and stuffing anything resembling a hayfever remedy into it. A trip to the pharmacist has given me some new things to try so here's hoping.

Anyway, Browning Avenue doesn't have an entirely spotless reputation among Worcester Park residents and "Horse and Hound" have found another resident who has recently set himself on the wrong side of the law:
A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a 54-year-old man who allowed a chronically lame horse to suffer for days without veterinary treatment. Stanley Sales, of Browning Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey was found guilty in his absence when he failed to turn up at Redhill Magistrates Court on 6 June. Mr Sales's one-year-old colt, Dollar, was taken into possession by World Horse Welfare on 28 August 2007 when he was found with an open wound on his near hind leg which had caused it to swell to three times its normal size. World Horse Welfare field officer Ted Barnes attended a location on Eastbourne Road in Blindley Heath, in response to a request from the RSPCA. Mr Barnes said: "Stanley Sales's failure to call a vet immediately resulted in Dollar being caused unnecessary suffering.
"I am hopeful that when Mr Sales is arrested and brought back in front of the court for sentencing that he will be given a ban and a deprivation order, so that ownership of Dollar is transferred permanently to World Horse Welfare."
A veterinary examination showed that the wound was severely infected and had been caused by an abscess. The colt was immediately taken into possession and transferred to the equine hospital in Liphook for treatment and was later moved to the World Horse Welfare centre in Norfolk where he underwent a further operation on his leg.

If you know the whereabouts of Mr Sales I assume you'll do the right thing.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Dollar, he probably used to graze in the green pastures that have become Amityville. Stan Sales? never heard of him. A grazy story if ever.