Monday, 19 January 2009


There was some unseemly laughter in the office this morning, breaking the usual Monday morning silence. I asked the culprit what it was (being always in need of a laugh) and she pointed me in the direction of an article from the Times that she'd been sent the link to entitled "How to meet a man at 40" and was finding this page particularly amusing/ironic/true.

Cue memories of bad parties:

People notice single women getting drunk more than they would notice any other demographic. They are waiting for you to get swervy and take to the dancefloor, on your own, clutching a bottle of champagne, and then collapse sobbing on the shoulder of some man who has long since married your best friend. All men over the age of 35 have pretty fixed views about women and drink — not women in general, you understand, but women they could be interested in. They love women who drink. They’re crazy about wild party girls. But they are all petrified of a genuinely drunk woman. Uninhibited is good. Determined to dance is good. Singing is good. Stumbling is less good. Slurring is worse. Shouty and argumentative is not good. Legs buckling is bad. Weepy is bad. Sick on floor is really bad. He decided not to call you, by the way, at slurring.

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