Monday, 26 January 2009

Putting words in my mouth

Whilst perusing the joys of I wondered what might happen if a putting funny captions to photos took off in Worcester Park. Idle speculation turned to action when I discovered that have a thing called captioner which will allow you to add captions to photos from Flickr, your PC or anywhere on the internet.

With the appropriate tools freely available I thought I'd offer up a challenge for you to dig up any photo which has a link to Worcester Park and come up with a funny caption for it, then send it to me to put up on the blog.

The instructions on creating your national treasure are:

  1. Go to,
  2. Choose "Upload" if the picture's on your computer or "URL" if it's on the internet,
  3. Give the location of the picture and enter your chosen captions,
  4. Click "Add credit to image" if it's not yours,
  5. Click "Create",
  6. Edit and save your masterpiece,
  7. Email it to me

Feel free to use any pictures from my Worcester Park Gallery or use Flickr or Google Image Search.

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