Thursday, 15 January 2009

Automation, schmautomation

I love it when things don't quite go according to plan. It's what keeps things like "It'll Be Allright On The Night" and "You've Been Framed" going after all these years and though I'll only catch sight of those programmes once a year or so there's normally something there that can raise a laugh... usually at someone else's expense of course.

Some blogs generate their content by having some automated piece of software sift through various search engines and spew the results onto their blog. One such blog would appear to be who advertise jobs as "Detention Custody Officers" and "Mobile Patrol Officers" and state that:
"Security Oracle is a security information resource for those interested in finding out more about the security industry, keeping up to date with their profession and careers within the security industry. "

All fine until your read their recent article entitled "Bouncers To Skip Their Way On To TV" , which they snaffled from the Surrey Comet and, although creating a mental picture of hugely-muscled men in black jackets prancing around a TV studio, is in fact about:
"A team of skippers from Worcester Park will show off their rope skills on CBBC this week.
The girls are part of Bouncers which trains every week in Riverview Primary School in West Ewell. "

Not quite's target audience methinks and I can't imagine any of the girls going for the "Detention Custody Officers" job any time soon.

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