Thursday, 8 January 2009

And now for something completely different.

Well. You've had 2009 for a whole week so what do you think of it so far? What you may not be aware of is that this year marks the 40th anniversary of a momentous event in Worcester Park and, arguably, TV history. As to what occurred on the 18th August 1969 I'll let Michael Palin explain:
"He [John Howard Davies] also worked fast and by the end of the day we had done the entire 'Confuse-a Cat' film, a very complicated item, and we had also finished the 'Superman' film. All this was helped by an excellent location - a back garden in a neat, tidy, completely and utterly 'tamed' piece of the Surrey Countryside - Edenfield Gardens, Worcester Park".
If you know exactly where it was filmed please do let me know!

It was pleasantly unexpected to see the outdoor temperature register above zero for the first time in over a week as I got ready to leave for work this morning. Going back to work after New Year's been a bit of a shock to the system but when I think about the Woolworth employees, and many others sharing their plight, I realise that my right to grumble has been understandably eroded.

It's nice to see that Checkers, the sandwich shop by Ross Fruiterers, has undergone a bit of a revamp with lots more space inside which means you don't have to sit outside if you want to stick around. He's a devoted chap and is normally opening up when I go past around 6.30 and closing up when I come home. Thinking about it I haven't if Cafe Piccolo's cafe has been open at 6.30 as it was before Christmas... anybody noticed?

I also notice that there's work taking place in the former Loving Thoughts card shop so the long promised betting shop looks like it's on its way. You'll no doubt have read about the demise of Silks and the current hiatus at the Huntsmans in the Worcester Park Blog so I won't repeat them here. Suffice to say it looks like Central Road may change a bit this year but here's hoping that Worcester Park businesses will find ways to overcome the downturn.

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Anonymous said...

I am excited at the idea that the great python sketch was filmed in WP - another small claim to fame. My personal favourite used to be watching Daley Thompson run up to the CO-op at the Plough to by a mars bar when I was a child. What other claims to fame do we have?