Saturday, 3 January 2009

Disturbing post

Back in the days of old I used to run this blog from a fairly unknown blogging site called Whilst it was generally okay it did have the disturbing habit of going AWOL for days on end so as a result I moved most of the stuff across to here, though if you want to read my original posts from back in 2005 you'd have to go there to read them. Periodically people will still post entries over on it and so it was that I received an email last night to say I had a new entry on the guestbook from someone calling themselves 'jill'.

I don't know quite what to make of it:


last night i saw a man beating a dog to death outside KFC so i went up to him an he punched me in the belly i ran for help when i came back the dog had no head.

if you find a dog head around please call me on 0208 715 4353

There's an email address on the original post if you follow the link above though if you have any more information on this I'd be grateful if you could post something or, presumably, contact the Police.


Cheam Commoner said...

Somewhat disturbing... I can only hope this was a hoax.

Anonymous said...

I heard they have dog nuggets on the menu now!