Monday, 12 January 2009

Ce n'est pas Le Kitchen

Pardon the schoolboy French but I noticed when driving past Le Kitchen (middle of photo above) yesterday that it has been reincarnated as "Bombay Masala", and looks very nice too. I really ought to give it a try as I've heard good things about it but we haven't got round to it as yet as the Munal and Meghna are both closer. I don't know if the makeover means that it's changed hands or just had a revamp.

With the weather as cold as it has been surely only a lunatic would be found playing football on a freezing cold Saturday in January wouldn't they?!?!? Ermm..... Well actually Brinkster Minor wanted to make use of the new facilities in the park in Longfellow Road so we braved the sub-zero temperatures to have a good kickabout. The nice smooth tarmac is great but has the side effect of letting the ball wander downhill as the site slopes down away from the road... not that the ball was stationary for that long with Brinkster Minor on the loose!

Has anybody else been to the Kimpton Park Way Recycling centre? It was gloriously quiet this weekend during the course of my three visits to the site (early spring cleaning!) unlike the normal carnage of the summer months but I was disturbed to see the workers on site sifting through the bins with a rake and pulling out anything that took their interest. I've seen them at it before (together with sharing round unsavoury images/videos on their phones) but on Saturday I saw one of the workers come up with a Man United pencil case he thought he could get a couple of quid for and other stuff too so I began to wonder what else they might have found... makes me want to make trebly sure I've shredded anything of potential interest before I put it in the rubbish.


Worcester Park said...

Bombay Masala is just a bit of re-branding, so the owners are the same. It's my favourite Indian takeaway in Worcester Park, although I must confess I've been using The Munal a lot more recently - a tad more expensive end, but their Nepalese food definitely has the edge.

Anonymous said...

Are they allowed to sift through the rubbish? Sounds dodgy to me.

Worcester Park said...

Well, it is called the reuse and recycling centre. What's the harm in making use of something that would otherwise clog up our landfil?

The Brinkster said...

I guess they didn't specify exactly who'd be deciding on the reuse bit.