Friday, 31 October 2008

Stirring stuff for Halloween

Back from Cornwall and all I can really say is "it's not Worcester Park" and you can take that whichever way you like. As the WPB has already chronicled Mann Countrywide Estate Agents has shut up shop and disappeared and when I walked past there on Wednesday evening there was one very forlorn looking Estate Agent glumly sat overseeing the banks of empty desks.

Anyway in my post-holiday letdown I've been scanning the local(ish) news and come up with these stories from the local Guardian website for no better reason than that they caught my eye. First off:
Fabian Sabbara, 15, of Cheam, was dressed in his school uniform when he was stopped by three police community support officers for taking photos of Wimbledon station on his mobile phone.

But PCSO Barry Reeve told Fabian to sign forms under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act, which allows police to stop and search at random anyone they suspect of terrorism.

Taking a photo of Wimbledon station a terrorist act!?!? Oh please!! I've written about this before and I'll hold my tongue this time.

I couldn't resist this next story but I am going to resist making any comment whatsoever and let you come up with your own:
A Christian family are concerned dark forces are behind a devilish looking car that has sat in front of their house for a month.

Julian Clarke, from Long Ditton, is concerned about a black Pontiac Trans Am that has been anonymously parked in his road. The sinister vehicle has blacked out windows, 666 on the number plate, devils on all four wheels and has been stationary for a month.

“I go to church and I’m quaking in my boots,” said Mr Clarke. “The car is like the spawn of the devil, it couldn’t look more evil if it tried. The only way it could look worse would be if it had horns.”

Seeing as it's Samhain/Halloween/Nos Galan Gaeaf here's the link to the relevant Wikipedia article in case anybody asks you what it's all about, or in case it ever comes up in a pub quiz.

Any Worcester Park news you care to pass on?


Downwind of the Cock said...

This is a little bit loud and over the top at first but if you can manage to stand the appalling voice over then the 1st video is instructive, these people don't even know the law that they are meant to be enforcing on the cheap.

Anonymous said...

So Mann Estate Agents has shut up shop in Worcester Park. Their office in Surbiton has also closed. All staff there one day and completely cleared out by next morning! Perhaps the whole chain has closed down?

The Parkerilla said...

About a year ago I was on the main concourse at Waterloo Station with some friends waiting for a train for a day out. I took a posed photo of our little group and was immediately pounced upon by two British Rail people with walkie-talkies who asked me what I was doing. I gave a brief explanation and was warned that taking photos wasn't allowed and if the police had seen me instead of them my camera (an average digital cam for taking snaps) would have been confiscated. To be fair to them they weren't aggresive or bullying about it they were just trying to warn us/ help us.It was the first I knew of that rule. Perhaps (seriously) they should put up signs at Waterloo station saying that photography of any type whatsoever isn't allowed, then people would know the rule existed. Or have the police got a nice line in second hand cameras on ebay?