Thursday, 16 October 2008

An apology to Dorking

Where's the week gone?!?!?! It's Thursday already and I've hardly have the chance to rub my two braincells together and come up with a post.

Isn't it funny how the word "apology" has subtly changed in meaning over the years from "an expression of being sorry" to "what you say when you're not really sorry but feel like you need to appear to be". I've heard so many unauthentic apologies over the years I've lost count but the prize probably goes to South West Trains, although I've probably picked on them because of my frequent use of their services. I just think that if you're going to offer an apology, or even actually say "s*rry", then doing it using an automated message is somehow missing the point.....

That aside I need to start with a quick apology to Dorking, which is a nice place and has a really nice blog so it almost pains me (but only almost) that Worcester Park FC have beaten them twice in the last few weeks, the second time by 5-0 following on from the 4-0 drubbing in the 2nd round of the Combined Counties League Cup. If you want to know how keenly they're feeling the pain then read this.

Lastly I've been on the phone to the folks of Enviro Technology in Gloucestershire to find out what the new big green tardis actually does and the very helpful Mike told me that it can analyse air samples every second and report back the results. He put me on to Eddie from Sutton Council who was able to add that the site will be live from mid-November and the stats should be viewable on the London Air Quality Monitoring Network web site. Its priority is to measure pollution rather than pollen and will allow the council to monitor whether they're meeting the National Air Quality Standards, particularly in relation to people shopping and living by the Central Road.


The Parkerilla said...

Do any other readers fall into the same category I do, when you get off the train at WP and there's a match being played you have to lean over the fence and watch for 5 minutes, a surprising number of (male) commuters do if only for a fews seconds.

Chimurenga-Charlie said...

I popped into the WPAC to spectate over a beer a couple of times last season before someone pointed out to me that it was members only. Silly me! I've been meaning to join subsequently - anyone a member who can tell me more?

The Brinkster said...

: Parkerilla
I have briefly peered over the fence but can never quite make out what's going on. They need a scoreboard or diamondvision to keep us clued up!!

The Brinkster said...

: Chimurenga-Charlie
I've never been down there and Google isn't helping much as the websites it took me to seemed to be seriously out of date :(

If you find out then do let me know!

Andy said...

I'm coming down to the WPAC to watch Dorking get hammered again on December 20th. Dorking have only just been relegated, they're in freefall it seems. When I moved down here I was wandering around taking photos and took a few of their ground and got talking to the groundsman, he's Dorking born and bred and has never been to London! He had a really strange accent, like West Country but harsher.

Anyway, although you are kind about our blog I'm not so keen, it seems to be run by old fogeys and I'm considering starting my own one, I have a name already in honour of the fabulous roundabout that greets visitors to our lovely town. It's called Downwind of the Cock, I might need to tips though from Brinkster and WP as to how to get it going.

The Brinkster said...

Sounds like another win to us then! They did sounds particularly depressed about being beaten by lowly WP the first time around, let alone the second.

I thought a fogeyish outlook was compulsory!?!? ;)
Go on! Start your own as no two blogs have exactly the same outlook and I like to think that the WPB, Parkerilla and myself complement each other rather than overlap. If you want any hints or tips I'd be happy to share my ignorance so feel free to send an email to me on the address at the top.

Bitterntwisted said...

To become a member of the WPAC you need to pass a fitness test. This involves drinking at least 8 pints of your favourite tipple and verbally abusing as many people as possible. Once you've achieved this quite easy task, ask Brian (Bar Manager) or Carol for a membership form. You will be welcomed with open arms.

The Brinkster said...

Thanks for that Bitterntwisted! I learn something new every day!

Ermmm.... but what if my favourite tipple happens to be vodka??.......... ;)