Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Now you see it......

Mrs Brinkster phoned me in a rather excited manner last night to let me know that Andrews the Estate Agents on Central Road had disappeared. Gone. Completely. When she walked past it at around 7pm everything except the desks had gone from inside and the sign had gone from outside so in the blink of an eye, in Worcester Park terms, another Central Road business has disappeared. This adds to what has been a confusing seven days for that row of shops with Knightwood Estates turning into "Mummas and Cuppas" over the course of the weekend, "For Sale" signs in the windows of Rendezvous and now Andrews disappearing, although the old Grand Estates on the corner of St Philip's seems to be being fitted out for something. What next?

In other news I received a note last night saying the following:
Has anyone heard what was happening at the station tonight approx 7.00pm. Road was closed & I was diverted up Church Road. I managed to come back out onto Malden Road via The Manor Drive. There were 2 ambulances approx 100 yards to the left on carner near where the green starts & the police had cordoned off the station. Then as I got to top of Central Road 2 more police cars sped past nearly taking me out ! presumable on way to station ?

On the Worcester Park Blog it says that the station was evacuated because of a suspect package but what about the ambulances? Post any info or wild speculations below.


Worcester Park said...

I heard that a house was sold in Worcester Park and three of the remaining estate agents in Worcester Park were treated for shock.

Anonymous said...

Its funny cause its true

Anonymous said...

Following the recent take-over of Halifax by Lloyds TSB, does anyone know which shop will be closed and which remain open?

Surely they won't be stupid enough to close the bigger Lloyds TSB shop, because the Halifax is so small it can't accommodate a queue of more than about three customers...any longer and you have to queue in the street or down Longfellow Road!

Having said that the Lloyds TSB branch seems suspiciously bare as if they are about to close it?!