Friday, 24 October 2008

Pre-weekend wibblings

Celebrity chefs. Got to love 'em. Tonight is Gordon Ramsay's show getting people to cook at home which seems to me to be in a similar vein to Jamie Oliver's "Ministry of Food", although if I participate at all it'll probably be as a spectator on the sofa. I think the one TV chef who I find most curious is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who, whilst coming up with some admirable recipes, lives the country lifestyle to the nth degree to the extent that I'm always half expecting him to pick up his pike or musket and declare for the King. Although I've talked a lot about food this week, relatively speaking, I'm ambivalent about the whole celebrity chef phenomenon. What about you? Love 'em or hate 'em?

Anyway, random burblings aside I see that another Worcester Park is up for sale:
"Character unisex salon in busy location. Regular hairdressing trade with scope for nails and other treatments. Laminate floor, central heating, reception area, 3 workstations, 2 backwash & 1 dryers, staff area. Same hands for 17 years. Advised sales c.£1,700 pw. New lease to be granted, 12-16 years, rent £14,000pa."
For more details go here but I don't think I'll be putting in an offer myself just yet.

Lastly I wasn't able to go to last night's local council meeting for a variety of reasons so if you were there then please do leave a comment with items of interest, otherwise I'll just wait for the audio to come out.

Have a great weekend!!

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