Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A fine weekend

What an amazingly nice few days of weather! The Brinkster Clan mostly spent it in the garden, in Nonsuch Park or Cannon Hill Park. A geocaching journey took us to Henry VIII's old banqueting house in Nonsuch Park for the first time and I was surprised to see how much of it was still there. If you haven't found it before I'd recommend it and if you don't know where it is drop me an email and I'll send you a link.

Firstly the Parkerilla pointed me in the direction of the article saying that plans to turn the old BBC Sports Ground in Motspur Park have been shelved. This has dragged on for ages and I know some the locals who've commented or emailed me will be pelased. The only rain on their parade was an apparent attempt by the local LibDem MP to snaffle some of the credit:
Kingston Liberal Democrat MP Edward Davey posted leaflets about the news through doors at the weekend but was criticised by the association for “claiming the credit”.
“He shouldn’t have written that letter,” Mr Moore said. “We have had absolutely no help from him.”
Mr Davey said he had simply sent the newsletter to let people know his position.

Moving on Skin and Body Care in Windsor Road has closed it's shop for business but is apparently carrying on as a home-based business.

Lastly a big green tardis has appeared outside the British Legion and although I haven't examined it too closely it would appear to be the air quality monitoring stations that we were scheduled to get some time ago. Judging by the plastic bags covering bits of it and the fact it doesn't make an appearance on any statistics yet I'm guessing it's not in operation but hey, who couldn't love an enormous, shiny green box on their main shopping street. I'm sure we'll be seeing them spring up on Sutton High Street in no time.

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