Thursday, 9 October 2008

National Poetry Day

Yes. Today's copy of the Metro tells me it is and inspired into prose by that and Lemsip Max Strength (darn cold) I thought I'd challenge you to leave some poetry of your own in the comments below. Bonus points if it's Worcester Park related but I'm going to be happy with any contribution.

Obviously I can't expect you to do it without having a go myself so without further ado I offer you an untitled 'poem'.

From the station, up the hill
How come I'm commuting still?
Shouldn't I be on a beach relaxing?
Or something else that's not so taxing?

There's lots of things I want to try
One hundred and one before I die
But then I think of all the bills
As I pass KFC on the way uphill

Until the credit crunch is done
Until the lottery is won
I'll leave for work early in the dark
And just stay here in Worcester Park

1 comment:

Worcester Park said...

Ode To Worcester Park :

Last night I went to Worcester Park,
After it was a just a dark
And found that it was far too late
for pizza fresh from Ryan Gate

Far far too many chavs, I see
With miniskirts in KFC -
Not a case of lamb but mutton,
off the 213 from Sutton.

Then up the hill I gainly troop
But got ripped off by Betty Boop.
(Do Worcester Parkers really think
There's real demand for Mr Ink?)

Then I stumble on a rarity
A local shop that's not for charity -
So into Broadway Bargains race
And blow the rest on wool and lace

Then join some locals for a beer
To find out what it's like round here -
Nothing but a bunch of c*nts man!
Is it always like that in The Huntsman?

( )