Saturday, 18 October 2008

An incident on Brinkley Road

Right now there's an incident on Brinkley Road with a number of police cars, ambulances and the air ambulance in attendance. No solid news on what it is yet but more when I get it.

Traffic's being diverted from the top of the road and Worcester Park is awash with people in uniform. The air ambulance appeared to put down in the Hamptons as the nearest open space. I hope it's not bad news.......


Michael said...

During a conversation about the terrible child abuse case in the media this week I heard that in this incident in Brinkley Road was an infant that was thrown from an upstairs window and later died from the sustained injuries.

Anyone know if there is any truth in this rumor?

Have there been any reports of the incedent in the local press?

The Brinkster said...

Hi Michael

When I spoke to the police press office they said that on their computer it was said that the child was fine though if I wanted more info I would need to to contact the ambulance service press office, but as they seemed confident the child was fine I didn't see the need to pursue it. The police did also mention that that no arrests were made.

From what I have currently been led to believe (and heard nothing on the road to contradict it) I think your source must have been mistaken (fortunately).

I'll still ask Mrs Brinkster just to make sure ;)

Michael said...

Thank goodness for that, I would have thought there would have been massive press coverage over something as serious as the story I had heard.