Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It's a small world after all

The meaning of that annoyingly catchy Disney song was brought home to me last night night when Mrs Brinkster returned from picking up Miss Brinkster from one of her many clubs with a story to tell. There were a few parents waiting around when she got there so she sat down with a couple that she knew who were engrossed in the latest Worcester Park Life. The wife turns to Mrs Brinkster and points out my article on geocaching, points to her husband and reveals him as the Michael in the article. Mrs Brinkster then spills the beans as to her alter ego and much amusement is had at the fact that our families have known each other for years and their daughter's been to Miss Brinkster's birthday party in the past. On the subject of spilling the beans Mrs Brinkster also coughed up my secret identity when held down and interrogated mercilessly by another school mum (well actually she asked nicely but for the sake of it I'll make it look like Mrs Brinkster put up a fight).

So "Hello" to Gill (Jill?) from Longfellow and *waves* to Michael.

Given Mrs Brinkster's ability to keep secrets it looks like any potential career in the security services is history (though some might say 'guaranteed').

Anyway, the weather forecast for this Saturday is looking bright so what to do with the last nice day of the year? As the Worcester Park Blog notes The Friends of Honeywood Museum are staging an Olympic exhibition at Worcester Park library between 2pm and 4pm displaying people's memories of the 1948 Olympics as a taster for the 2012 Olympics. They're particularly keen for everyone who has photos, memorabilia and the like from 1948 to bring them along for them to see and they're offering free tea and cake whether or not you bring something. There a lot more to it than I've mentioned so do have a look at their website.

Changing subject again the makeover fairies have been at work over the last few weeks and given a couple of Central Road establishments a new look

Firstly The Cafe Experience has turned into Berties

And the Cazbar has also got a new look

Your verdicts please! Which looks better?

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea what that large green box is for that's appeared outside the British Legion?