Thursday, 27 September 2007


Central Road at 7am this morning.

As has been noted by any Worcester Park dweller who dares to set out in a car between the hours of 6am-10am or 3pm-8pm the traffic situation is not funny. In conversation with a Longfellow Road resident last night he mentioned that there was traffic queued from Central Road nearly up to his house in the mornings. As he lives in house with a number around the 3-digit mark that was pretty impressive and on checking at 7am this morning there was indeed a queue of about 30 cars in Longfellow Road waiting to get out on to Central Road.

Quite why Sutton council think that adding to this situation with traffic from the proposed Hamptons development won't be a problem is mysterious at best. I'm assuming they've never been in Worcester Park in the morning.......

As I don't commute by car, preferring to cast myself on the mercies of SW Trains, I'm not qualified to comment but I'm sure some of you are.....

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