Thursday, 4 October 2007


Being of an historical mind and having an associated love of obscure facts I've obtained a copy of "Worcester Park and Cuddington - A Walk Through The Centuries", written by David Rymill, which is now occupying my commuting hours. I've only just started into it but I am finding it fascinating to picture what has preceded us through the centuries and I should have read it years ago A fair amount has happened since it was written in 2000 but it's a good antidote to any thoughts that Worcester Park has always been faceless suburbia. The fact that Brinkley Road does get a mention in there is also a benefit, but then you knew I'd say that.

Of course I'd recommend that you get your own copy and the easiest thing to do is give them a call and pop round with the cash if you're local.

According to his parents another book about Worcester Park is in the pipeline and should be finished next year so I'll be looking forward to that. I'll leave you with a quote from the website:
"In our journey we encounter a cow bequeathed for the repair of a steeple, a Royalist secret code, a pioneering computer centre which invented a barcode system for libraries, and the man who tried to block The Avenue with a trench."

Excellent stuff!!

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