Thursday, 18 October 2007

The naked truth

Much specualtion that the Huntsmans was due to open last weekend but when I peered through the window yesterday the naked light-bulbs indicated that the renovation wasn't complete. P'raps this weekend?

Somewhat oddly Google's blogsearch seems to be filling with Worcester Park entries as spammers take the name of our fair community in vain to peddle their wares. A search on the last 7 days comes up with several pages of posts rather than the normal handful of entries.

In other news the Kingston Guardian says that Lauren Cleer will recover from her injuries received in the accident at Worcester Park station the other week, which is good news.

My latest source of Worcester Park images is a site called ViewImages (go to the site and search for "Worcester Park" in quotes) which has a good few images from the 20s and 30s (though some are plainly not WP at all). If you want to see Worcester Park's famed clay pigeon shooting or beagle pack and if you don't believe we had our own polo club then go to the Ham Polo club website where they state that there were:
"dozen or so clubs located in and around London in the 1920's and 1930's, which sported such famous names as Hurlingham, Ranelagh, Roehampton, Kingsbury, Eden Park, Wimbledon, The Priory Club in Sheffield, Essex, Crystal Palace, Worcester Park and Wembley Park."

Lastly, thanks to all those who posted news the other day during my bout of 'man flu'. Much appreciated.

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