Friday, 12 October 2007

The dead centre of Worcester Park?

Sometimes I think there are no more surprises to be had, but something always comes along to prove me wrong. This morning Alan dropped me an email about an exhibition in Worcester Park for the proposed development of the old BBC Sports Ground in Motspur Park (neighbouring area, but bear with me). Apart from its role as a sports ground it was used annually for Wimbledon tennis parking for their Park & Ride service until it fell into disuse in the last few years. I pass it every morning and for those who take the train into London from Worcester Park it's an unmissable feature.

As you can tell I'm partly stringing this out until I can tell you what they're proposing to turn it into. A new sports ground? Nope. A development of affordable or trendy housing? Nope. It's going to be a .........cemetery!! With Morden Cemetery and Merton & Sutton Joint Cemetery only half a mile away you'd have thought that having more dead people in the area than live ones was becoming a distinct possibility. I'm hoping it's not a Kingston Council attempt to shuffle its problems into less-loved parts of the borough but it doesn't give much indication of any desire to develop the local area for the living residents. Plus there's the obvious impact a zombie invasion would have on the local area with 3 cemeteries in such close proximity....

The exhibition is on 22nd October at the Venner Youth & Community Centre hall on Manor Drive with the junction of Malden Road, between 4pm and 9pm. Maybe we could ask them awkward questions along the lines of provisions made for burials to be made in the Plains Indian tradition to see what repsonse they give. See you there perhaps?

No more news on the Huntmans I'm afraid. I haven't seen any signs of activity over the last week or so but I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know when I see/hear anything.

Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, there are enough cemetary's in the area without one being at the back of your garden. My mum's garden backs onto the old Sports Ground and had recently sold her house, then a bomb shell! the buyer pulled out as they had heard about the proposed plans, and did not want to be looking out at 'dead bodies' (their comments, not mine). This will greatly depreciated her property and will more than likely put other buyers off. I had heard that there is a council meeting on the 30th January 08 to discuss the plans further, lets hope they are rejected!