Monday, 22 October 2007

Exciting news

Apparently there were some sporting events on over the weekend. I didn't really notice because the most exciting thing to happen was the resuscitation of THE Worcester Park Blog. For those new to the Worcester Park blogging phenomenon he is the original Worcester Park blogger who christened me as the Brinkster and then found that being married provided him with more entertaining things to do with his time than blog.

Welcome back worcesterpark!!

St James have posted glossy brochures through the door to say how great the new Hamptons development will be for Worcester Park and how they're going to give over £1million to the local community. Seeing as that's the equivalent of the price of just two of their larger houses I'm not overly impressed as there's still obviously plenty of money to be made. They're staging an exhibition next week and I'll put the details up when I can find where Mrs Brinkster's put them (remind me to tell you the story of Mrs Brinkster and the Chinese Karaoke last Friday won't you).

I'm having a few days at home with the Brinkster Clan over half-term week and perhaps I'll see some of you at the cemetery exhibition this evening!?

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