Thursday, 25 October 2007

More of the same - another mega-post

So many things to catch up on I've had to write myself a list to try and remember. I couldn't start this post, however, without pointing you in the direction of worcesterpark's latest blog post, an incredible tale of love, lust and someone wearing knickers on their head

Cemetery Exhibition

There were about 15 or so folks at the exhibition when I was there and four guys from Indigo. From the advancing ages of my fellow attendees it wasn't immediately obvious whether they'd come to object to the proposals or were trying to scope out the best spots. From the BMWs in the car park I'm assuming there must be a reasonable amount of money involved.........

Indigo's stated objectives of the development are:

- Retain the openness of the site,

- Use it in a way that is compatible with the existing residential nature of the area,

- Use it in a way which is consistent with Council (Kingston) policies and objectives,

- Provide much needed burial space.

Some objections have been provided by Giuseppe here, though I'm sure more will be forthcoming.


While driving towards New Malden the other day there seemed to be a proliferation of signs announcing roadworks of various shapes and sizes. This is almost guaranteed to be a precursor to more traffic chaos in Worcester Park so if anyone knows of better/quicker/secret ways of getting through to the A3 from Worcester Park then please do post them.

Huntsmans Hall

Redecoration is taking place on the inside of the Huntsmans so they're still intent on reopening, in fact on my way to the Cemetery Exhibition I saw that there was a stonking great Bentley parked in the car park..... which is probably the first and last time I'll see one there which hasn't been keyed....

Talking of cars on my way up the A3 towards Putney the other day I saw a Bugatti Veyron coming the other way. I'm not a big petrol-head but it was still smart.

Chinese Karaoke

For those who read the earlier reference in this post I thought I'd relate the full story. Mrs Brinkster and pals had planned an evening out but left it to one of their number who's not normally given much space in the evening-out-planning department. As a result Mrs Brinkster found herself standing outside a Chinese Karaoke restaurant in a Surrey suburb not too far away from Worcester Park and on entering found herself surrounded by plastic tables, paper tablecloths and a group of about thirty people who were so excited by the forthcoming evening that they had little costumes on related to the songs that they were going to sing. The owner is apparently a fairly rotund individual who loves to sing, but with the unmistakeable twang of his mother country in his singing. Never let it be said that Mrs Brinkster is a snob (it may or may not be true..... just never let it be said) but the net effect of the surroundings was to drive her into the welcoming arms of the juice of the vine, with whom she spent a long and productive evening to the extent that, when she arrived home, she repeated all of the above facts several times to myself and our houseguest in the course of a matter of minutes.

More amusingly when she got up in the morning she began to relate the whole thing over again, until we pointed out we knew all of the punchlines. The humour faded somewhat when she picked up her purse and said "Ermmm.. Where's my credit card"........ Doh!!

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