Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Another "Eh? What?" Moment

@SW_Trains map fail
After a long day's work on Friday I was heading back up to London in the evening to see a friend's band playing and was idling away a few minutes at Worcester Park station when while waiting for the train I noticed the sign shown left on the London-bound platform. Rather than being in "full commuter mode", namely keenly focused on reaching my designated spot on the platform with the sole aim of claiming the best available seat, I ambled casually around the station like a relaxed tourist and my eyes alighted on the local area map.

It is, as you can clearly see, a map and it is, as is also obvious, a local map.... just not of Worcester Park. For some reason South West Trains have decided to give us a map of New Malden to look at while we're waiting for our trains so if you had arrived at the station from afar and were wanting to find the tourist mecca that is Brinkley Road on it you would probably be both confused and sorely disappointed. I could speculate wildly as to why they've done that but I'll let you do that instead.

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