Friday, 17 January 2014

Win a free meal at Pizza Express in Worcester Park

I have to confess I'd never heard of the "Wiltshire Gazette and Herald" before but due to the group of newspapers that they belong to they're currently offering a competition to win one of five free meals, to the value of £40, at the new look Pizza Express in Worcester Park. If it was only the people of Wiltshire you were up against then I'd suggest you would have a good chance but I somehow suspect that won't be the case.

There's not much I can think of to add to this news so I'll shamelessly parrot what they've put on their competition page.

PizzaExpress is celebrating the launch of its exciting new-look restaurant at Worcester Park on 14 January by offering five fabulous prizes of a meal for two to the value of £40. 

This contemporary, open plan, naturally lit restaurant is situated in the centre of Worcester Park’s main High Street. 

Manager, Eddie Hotie, said, “We have a friendly and enthusiastic team who are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our beautifully refurbished restaurant over a delicious pizza.” 

I think that an Italian themed restaurant with a manager named Eddie could sound more intimidating if you made it something like "Fast Eddie" or "Slick Eddie" but in the world of Worcester Park it seems that plain old Eddie will have to do.

If you want to enter the go to the competition page here but if you're anything like Mrs Brinkster and myself you'll keep walking down the hill to The Brook and have something to eat there, which is exactly what we did last night for the first time since it was rebranded. I won't give a full review here but suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised.

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mdviz said...

I have to agree with you there.. The Brook seems to deliver good quality food no matter what time you visit in my/our experience. We have been there several times since the re branding and have never been disappointed with the quality of food, whether when packed on a Friday evening or on a much less crowded Saturday lunchtime. We have a discount card too with 20% off ...well worth the 2 mins effort to apply for it.

Having said that I am also looking forward to a standardised "franchise" lunch at Pizza Express after the refit.