Thursday, 16 January 2014

On the long list of things I don't understand

I took the photo shown here this morning and if it's not showing up for some reason then here's what it says  plus a synopsis of my reactions:

"From Monday 13 January the entrance to the booking hall from the station forecourt will be closed for up to four weeks"

Wait? What's the date today? Didn't I just come through that door?

"This closure is to allow for the construction of a new level access ramp into the booking hall"

Good! All in favour say "Aye!"

"Entry to the ticket office and booking hall will be via the side entrance and Platform 1. During this time the self-service ticket machine in the forecourt will not be available"

But wait again? Surely I just came in though the door that's supposedly closed!?!?

I know I can be tired at that time of the morning but by my calculation today is definitely the 16th of January and the door they've said is closed definitely isn't, two days after they said it would be. To compound my confusion the sign is actually facing the door they've just told me is closed! Now unless I've accidentally discovered time travel, in which case I'm off to buy some lottery tickets, then I'll put this down to some corporate planning cock-up and move on with my life.

Are you liking the new station works? 

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