Tuesday, 14 January 2014

River Wandle and Carshalton Park

I was planning to write something insightful and erudite this morning but as SW Trains decided to only send four carriages for the 6.27 and I find it difficult to write on the ipad while standing up and hanging on when limited to only two arms rather than the optimal three.

So instead I'll give you a couple of pics from the weekend of the source of the Wandle in Carshalton Park which is flowing for the first time in 15 years due to the recent heavy rains. I bumped into another photographer while I was there who said that he was there when it last flowed and he taken photos of it then on his film camera back before digital cameras came out and he could see pretty much all the way down to the high street but that the trees had grown over since then and obscured the view.. 

Hope you like the pics and normal service will resume imminently

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