Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Worcester Park Businesses For Sale

Photo from Rightmove website
Amongst the flotsam and jetsam washed up on the shores of the internet yesterday I noticed that two Worcester Park high street businesses are up for sale. First up is the hardware shop next to Sean Hanna which can be bought for a mere £30K as a going concern and the web site says:
"Weekly turn over in the region of £2000 per a week. New lease to be agreed in the region of £21,000 a year."

I remember buying a fabulous oven cleaning chemical concoction in there which did a superb job of cleaning our old and immensely unloved oven and also enabled us to discover that one of the congealed masses at the bottom wasn't carbonised food as suspected but was in fact a long lost knife with a plastic handle that had somehow ended up at the bottom and melted its way into a puddle of darkly coloured goo which was hiding the blade. Nice.

Photo from Rightmove website
Second on the list is Camera Continental which is selling up lock, stock and barrel to the tune of £169,950. I've only been in there a few times but it never seems to have pushed the boundaries of technical innovation, creative expression or any of those other things I associate with modern photography. It probably doesn't help that the recollections of my visits there mostly revolve around having to cough artificially to gain the proprietor's attention on one occasion and having to wait several minutes for him to finish a conversation with a friend on another. I can't blame him though. On the many times I've looked in the window he was starved for human company so I guess that he was making the most of opportunity and bemoaning that his other career choices were limited now that all the lighthouses are all automated.


Bexx Bissell said...

The hardware shop is very well stocked and has on many occasions saved me from having to make the trek to B&Q or Homebase.

Bexx Bissell said...

Welcome back. We (Mrs Bissell and myself) have missed you. The Worcester Park Blog is excellent, but it isn't The Brinkster, which is equally excellent, but different.

mdviz said...

Nice to see you posting again Mr B!
Lets see more please.
The WP Blog has become mostly utilitarian and only seems to post news and event stories. It seems to have lost its personality and sense of self such as this post.
Please continue with your recently re-kindled inspiration to blog as there is a need for witty and personal savoir-fair in the WP blog world.