Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Worcester Park restaurants named and shamed

Sorry for the desperately unimaginative title but I was just browsing the Sutton Guardian web site and I noticed that 10th in the "most read" column was that two Worcester Park eateries had been "named and shamed" for garnering a massive zero stars between them in the latest food hygeine results. The two in question are the Turkish Sheesh Mangal and the now-(in)famous Ryan Gate, both in Central Road.

You can find the Sheesh Mangal's rating here on the food.gov.uk website:
and the Ryan Gate's rating here:

Obviously these inspections were carried out a while ago so hopefully things have improved since then and if you have any observations to offer then do feel free.

If you're ever strolling the streets of Worcester Park, or further afield, and spy a restaurant that takes your fancy but don't know whether to trust it then the Food Standards Agency has an app you can download for your Android or Apple smartphone so that you may be more confident that you won't be spending the night regretting your choice.

As for me I'll probably be in the Sunshine Cafe with their 5 star rating!

Want to give a shout to your favourite Worcester Park dining place?


mdviz said...

We ate once at the Sheesh Mangal. Oh how little did we know then ..glad we have not eaten there again!

The app you suggest is pretty flakey on android... lots of bad rating and reviews. Though one suggested trying this app which woks much better and is fast:

Anonymous said...

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