Thursday, 19 June 2008

Stalag luft Hamptons?

As if the Hamptons fire needed any more fuel pouring on it the local Guardian have published a story that will no doubt provoke some comment:
"Children on a new housing development in Worcester Park are being subjected to a strict curfew and risk losing their home if they ignore it."

Yes, it's the Hamptons again. The article continues on in similar vein until the Thames Valley Housing spokesperson rounds off with this:
"The community agreement is signed by the resident, and outlines what may happen if they or their children do engage in antisocial behaviour. It is not legally binding. However, it provides a clear statement of intent by the resident which, if broken, can be used as support evidence to enforce one of a number of options to elicit a positive change in behaviour, such as an acceptable behaviour contract or an antisocial behaviour order. In extreme cases it will be used to initiate a homes possession order from the courts."

What do you think?


Adrian Short said...
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Adrian Short said...

As I've written on my own blog, I think the curfew is in itself anti-social and is an unacceptable encroachment on the parents' responsibility to decide what's best for their children.

I thought housing associations were supposed to put roofs over people's heads, not act in loco parentis.

Anonymous said...

I put a link on "Worcester Park's" blog - The Times has an article about it too.

Andy said...

Although I'm extremely anti antisocial behaviour I can't help feeling this is an unacceptable encroachment and Adrians views are very close to my own.