Wednesday, 25 June 2008

"I'm the Scatman"

Once again I'm sad to report another passing, this time of one of my work colleagues who picked up a virulent stomach bug at the weekend and then unwisely chose to struggle into work on Monday. As a result he passed it on to myself which meant Mrs Brinkster and Brinkster Minor came down with it in a matter of hours on Monday evening...... and I'll spare you the imagery but suffice to say it was seriously unpleasant, particularly when there are three of you on the go at the same time.

He's not dead yet but he will be when he gets back..............

You may have noticed that I've migrated a bunch of old entries from the old blog dating back to Dec 2006 so if you're not familiar with "the old material" you might find something interesting or entertaing in there. I'll migrate the rest as and when I get the chance.

Lastly, I see that a property rental site is offering the former Samuel James office on Central Road with a rent of £15,000 pa. Could anybody in the know let me know whether that figure is good, bad or average for Worcester Park?

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