Monday, 23 June 2008

New balls please

Wimbledon fortnight is upon us, and surprisingly the weather forecast looks pretty good for this week. Commuting-wise it heralds a throng of disoriented bodies at Wimbledon and there's usually a fleeting moment of amusement for seasoned commuters when someone realises they're either on the wrong train or that the train they just let go out was the one they wanted. Perverse I know but you do have to make up what fun you can if you commute.

The TA Open Day was as much fun as I'd hoped and while I got my hands on an SA80A2 the shorter members of the Brinkster Clan sat on the motorbikes, clambered over lorries, operated the crane and then scaled the climbing wall.

It was well attended and well organised and the Clan are already keen to go back when they have another one.

Moving on, for those with an opinion on the new £35 garden waste tax on Sutton residents Councillor Paul Scully is documenting the arguments and issues over on his blog while I know that Worcester Park has stated a contrary view. I'd recommend reading Paul Scully's blog if for no better reason than the story about the 40 ton bin lorry sent on a 12 mile round trip to pick up one garden waste bag......... and the fact that the new garden waste sacks are half the size of the old ones. Is there anybody reading this who's paid the £35?

(And no, I'm not going to talk about the football.....)

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