Thursday, 12 June 2008

One moment please

Today is the funeral of Joe Bright so you may want to spare a moment to think about him and his family. It's been very heartening to see the various expressions of sentiment for Joe from the good folks of Worcester Park for someone who was such a familiar face to us.

In other news I'm very excited to say that the first edition of Worcester Park Life is now available and can be downloaded from the website here or available in hard copy from some Worcester Park shops. It's got a variety of articles and money off vouchers for some Worcester Park shops so is well worth getting and supporting. The forums are also starting to spring to life so I'd suggest registering an account and joining in!

Oh, and if any of you are into House, as we are in the Brinkster House, then the two-part finale of series 4 is the best yet!!!


Worcester Park said...

Pages 28 & 29 of Worcester Park life are particularly fantastic. Apparently.

The Brinkster said...

Very nice job indeed!! Mrs Brinkster picked up a copy yesterday and had it waiting to show me when I got home (though I'd read the PDF already).

I did have a little chuckle about the "lone voice" bit (referring the honourable gentleman to some of my older posts here, here and )here but all's fair in love and blogging and I'd like to see some of the local stores and businesses to set up their own blogs as well to try and generate some exposure ("The Broadway Bargains Blog", now there's an intruiging thought).