Monday, 9 June 2008

Het was een heel goed avond!

OK, so my earlier attempt at predicting the scoreline was thankfully inept and the Leeuwen of Holland put three perfectly taken and entirely uncontroversial goals past the Italians, which is going to make the conversation that much more entertaining tomorrow morning when I get my bacon sandwich from Luigi's as he had wagered me on the subject.

Thanks to the North End Tavern who accomodated us and we'll have to see how Friday's game goes, thought I'll most likely be at home for that one looking after small Brinksters.

To keep this post vaguely Worcester Park related I saw, as I walked down the hill from the North End Tavern into the gorgeous sunset whilst being greeted by pedestrians and hooted at by cars (due to my somewhat ostentatious Dutch outfit), that Knightwood Estates has now reopened but in its former guise as a furniture shop rather than estates agents. Anybody know what's happening over the disappearing monies from the estate agent bit?

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